Friday, February 3, 2012

Half Synthetic and Half Wood Screen Porch Bethesda

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Not all projects have to be either 100% synthetic or 100% natural wood.  A good way to save cost as well as blend material is to install low maintenance vinyl decking and build a typical wooden screen porch structure on the deck.  Your deck gets the brunt of the wear and tear.  Water can pool and the UV rays hit the horizontal surface directly.  Low maintenance decking is advised for longetivy of your deck boards.  However, an area that doesn't face as much damage are the posts, railings, and beams of the screen porch.  Becasue they are installed vertically, water cannot pool.  The posts and rails aren't as effected by the UV rays as well.  So, installing wooden posts and rails on a low maintnenace deck is a wonderful way to save cost on a project and also get the 'woodsy' feel you are going for.  This project features Azek Decking Morado Color and have pine posts and rails installed and stained to match.  Sometimes synthetic material isn't the best choice, especially on an older bricke home.  To see more examples of our projects visit our webiste and flickr portfolio.

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