Monday, February 6, 2012

Screen Porch and Patio Design Potomac, Maryland

This design was a challenge because the patio and walkway were existing from a previous construction.  The idea for this project was to add a low maintenance screen room to the back yard to protect these Potomac, MD homeowners away from the bugs.  The previous owners were big into hardscaping and had created a large patio, stairs, sitting walls, outdoor fireplace, and walkway, so integrating the new screen room had its difficulties.  We decided a door location tight to the house would be best to maximize furniture space on the interior of the screen porch.  A patio walkway was added to connect the screen porch to the existing patio.  The existing plant bed was changed and manipulated to fit around the new screen enclosure.  Decorative local shrubs are installed around the porch to hide the area under the deck.  

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